Monday 11th August was like being back at school. It was the day the Great Taste Awards were released and we were full of anticipation and as nervous as a teenager waiting for our A-level results! At approximately 5.30pm we received a message in our inbox confirming the GTA results were now live so with shaking fingers, we logged in to see that 3 more of our products have been elevated to star status!

2 Gold Stars for our innovative ‘Sweet Olive, Fig & Almond’

“Interesting product. Excellent balanced flavour and beautiful texture, with fig coming through nicely” – judges comments

We like to innovate at Olive Branch and some of our products create quite a stir – our ‘Sweet Olive’ is one of them and after recently winning the Prix les Épicures in France, we are over the moon to receive such great judges feedback and 2 Gold Stars for our humble product 🙂

1 Gold Star for each of our Flavoured Vinegars

The inspiration behind our Flavoured Red Wine Vinegars was the challenge to please the British palate which is fond of sweet tasting Vinegars, but whilst maintaining our philosophy of using healthy nutritional ingredients.

Our recipe uses naturally flavoured honey to sweeten the aged wine vinegar and the combination provides a fragrant scent with a deep wine flavour and a light natural sweetness coming from the honey.

In the words of the judges:

“A very interesting vinegar, could be used in many recipes but is very palatable on its own.”

We hope you’ve had a chance to try our gold star products – do let us know what you think and if you’re after some great recipes, simply click here

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