Here is a great video about Jamie’s Ministry of Food in Stratford, created by the good people at Community Channel.

Jamie’s Ministry of Food is an initiative set up by Jamie Oliver to help the British public learn how to create simple and healthy meals using fresh and local ingredients.

The Ministry of Food teaches people how to cook from scratch, so they can turn all sorts of fresh ingredients into meals when they’re in season, at their best and at their cheapest. The scheme operates a network of food centres across Britain, including one in Stratford, East London.

The Stratford Ministry of Food provides cooking demonstrations and classes to businesses and communities in and around the Olympic Borough of Newham.

The Stratford Ministry of Stratford is a big believer in fresh and first-rate ingredients and its Head Chef Rosanna is a fan of Olive Branch Olive Oil.  Over to Rosanna; “We are happy to use Olive Branch extra virgin olive oil in our dishes at Jamie’s Ministry of Food Stratford. The quality is excellent and it works well in many of our dishes.”

Jamie’s Ministry of Food is a very important social project and we at Olive Branch are very excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with the Stratford team. We look forward to working with them on future projects as the year goes on.

To learn more about the Ministry of Food Stratford or to book classes at the school, visit their Website or Facebook page at:

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