Our new harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil has landed and as we inform you of this, we are excited to introduce the new branding for our oil.

You may be aware that regulation for extra virgin olive oil is tightening as the market is flooded with blended oils made with olives from several different countries and even fake extra virgin olive oil where the bottle contains traces of seed oils!

The European Union has been working hard to tighten the legislation and compliance for extra virgin olive oil bottling and labeling, thereby to provide consumers with clear and truthful information. Producers now have to state the source of the olives and this will tell whether the oil is blended, sometimes from several different countries. You will now find common supermarket brands of extra virgin olive oil in the supermarket stating: “Blend of olive oils of European Union origin and not of European Union origin”…

We are proud to introduce our new branding to you, showing that our extra virgin olive oil is single varietal, single origin and made from olives that have been hand picked and cold pressed.

And to give your customers added reassurance, we are proud to tell you our labels are fully approved by Defra!

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