24-25th June, the Olive Branch team have headed north to participate in the Speciality Food Show in Harrogate. It’s our first trade show and we’ve been planning our display and presentation for weeks!

We’ve also been secretly working on a new product which we’re presenting for feedback at the show. Our new product is an Olive Oil Jam. You what?  You’re wondering! Yep, Olive Oil Jam.

The reasoning behind this product is simple – A spoonful of Olive Oil first thing in the morning – a great way to have a healthy start to the day. But first thing in the morning, all you want is a coffee and a slice of toast – not a spoon of Olive Oil…

Well, worry no more, Olive Branch have the solution for you. A sweet, tasty and healthy Jam, full of energy and goodness – providing you a 100% natural healthy start to the day. Our Jam is a unique blend of Olive Oil, Cretan Honey and Dried Fruit, providing a delicious and balanced Jam that can be used morning, afternoon and evening.

At the show, we’ve presented the product to buyers of Delicatessens, Farm Shops and a chap from a particularly well known and prestigious Department Store in West London. We’re pleased to say that everyone was delighted with the taste, which tastes no different to conventional Jam but is less sweet due to less sugar and more natural content, Cretan Honey. The product lands in a fortnight and we’re pleased to have taken loads of pre-orders already!

In addition to this, the organisers have run an activity entitled ‘Editors Choice’ whereby the Editor of Fine Food Digest, Mick Whitworth has chosen his top new product launches at the show. These have been selected based on the criteria of taste, branding, packaging and most importantly, ‘sellability’ – we’re over the moon to learn that we have been selected as an Editor’s Choice product!!

We’d like to thank everyone who visited us today and are looking forward to Monday and presenting our products to more people.

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