The BBC Good Food Show never fails to impress with their delightful array of exhibitors showcasing tasty treats from around the world. The Summer Show has just finished where we participated for the first time to showcase our Greek Mezze along with the other delights from our range.

Visiting exhibitions is a great way to learn about new ingredients and flavours so we were very excited to showcase our Mezze range as we’ve worked hard to find the best ingredients from around Greece to put these products together. We’re blown over with the feedback we’ve had – the crowd couldn’t get enough of the beautiful flavours which we have captured with the ingredients from around Greece. The Sun Dried Tomato products were a big hit with their bold, rich flavours and customers were quickly finding ways to use them for their Mezze mix and in other ways such as for stuffing chicken. The Red Pepper paste was iconic in its own right as customers loved the vibrant red colour, with the balance between the sweet and spicy flavours hitting the right notes time after time!

The show was hard work as it ran from 9am until 6pm each day and with the number of visitors coming through the doors, we hardly had a chance to rest – fortunately, we had our own supply of fresh olive oil each morning to give us a boost and a healthy start and before we knew it, the day had passed by in a flash.

We had participated in the BBC Good Food Show for the first time in 2012 when we were also crowned a Good Food Champion receiving recognition for outstanding product quality and brand integrity. The BBC Good Food Team had a chance to try our Mezze range before the show and we’re pleased to say that they couldn’t help crowning us a Good Food Champion for the second year running – it’s been a pleasure attending the show and meeting, wonderful visitors from around the country and we can’t wait to return again next year. In the meantime, we hope that everyone show took home an Olive Branch product will enjoy their next meal, especially the gent who took home 3 litres of Olive Oil and the lady armed with 6 jars of Mezze!

Visitors from the show reading this, once you run out of your products, click here for a list of lovely shops where you can restock!

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