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Products / Extra Virgin Olive Oil

As featured in BBC Good Food and Cook Vegetarian Magazines.

Olive Branch is a single varietal, 100% natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil cold-pressed solely from Koroneiki Olives to produce an intensely flavoured zesty Olive Oil with a hyper-fresh lemony aroma. The flavour is rich, grassy with more than a hint of pepper and walnut undertones.

Olive Branch Olive Oil is made solely using Koroneiki Olives, which have a higher than average natural antioxidant content. Unique to Olive Branch, the Olives are picked early when the ripening begins and cold pressed within hours of picking to produce a very fresh and aromatic Olive Oil, with the fullest flavours, nutrients and anti-oxidants. Olive Branch Olive Oil has been developed to allow the British public to enjoy the true taste of real Olive Oil.

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