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It’s time to go green!

Where does your bottle of olive oil reside in your kitchen? Does it sit next to the cooker? Or is it kept in the kitchen cupboard? These are really important points to think about as your choice of location will determine how well the oil is looked after. Extra virgin olive oil is one of the few...

Can you cook with Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

We often get asked about whether you can cook with extra virgin olive oil. In fact, when we are out sampling our oil and talking to the public about the virtues of extra virgin olive oil, we've noticed that people often presume you shouldn't cook with extra virgin...

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New Labels for our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our new harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil has landed and as we inform you of this, we are excited to introduce the new branding for our oil. You may be aware that regulation for extra virgin olive oil is tightening as the market is flooded with blended oils made with...

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New Harvest Olive Oil

The 2016/17 olive harvest is complete - and our new harvest extra virgin olive oil is ready! We had a very late harvest this season due to the mild November in Crete - ironic as the temperatures shot right down with snowfall the week after our harvest! Olives are a...

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Kala Xristouyena – Merry Christmas

At Christmas time in Greece, there is a wonderful tradition of decorating boats with lights and singing Christmas Carol’s in front of it. This tradition has declined over time, but you will still see these delightful illuminations in Greece, which are again growing in...

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Greek Mezze launches in Waitrose

We are super excited to announce that we've hit the shelves of Waitrose! Find our Aubergine & Basil Paste and Roasted Pepper Paste in the pasta sauces aisle - our pastes are perfect as dips, spreads or simply stirred into pasta. Made with 100% natural ingredients...

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2016 Great Taste Awards

The oscars of the food industry - 10,000 products, blind tasted over 9 weeks of intensive judging in 6 different locations. Winning a Great Taste Award is a triumph for any food producer and it brings a special feeling after all the hard work we put in to create our...

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We are a Greek food company producing a range of products using classic Greek ingredients with our unique touch. We make our own olive oil on our family farm in SE Crete and we also make Chunky Olive Tapenade, Greek Mezze dips and a big range of marinated olives & antipasti. We supply fine food shops and restaurants around the UK.

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