Where does your bottle of olive oil reside in your kitchen? Does it sit next to the cooker? Or is it kept in the kitchen cupboard? These are really important points to think about as your choice of location will determine how well the oil is looked after.

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the few culinary oils which contain antioxidants, particularly one called polyphenol. When exposed to daylight and sunlight, the oil will oxidise which will cause the oil to lose flavour and the antioxidants to destroy. Extra virgin olive oil should have a rich green colour but when it oxidises, the colour will look like a worn out yellow.

The most important thing to consider in order to protect the oil is the colour of the bottle as this will determine whether it is exposed to sunlight and daylight. When selecting extra virgin olive oil, you should always go for a dark green bottle and never a clear bottle which will be exposing the oil to sunlight and daylight from the moment the product is on the shelf.

Protect your olive oil by selecting oils in a dark green bottle, close the lid tightly after use and store in the kitchen cupboard. Follow these simple steps and your oil will retain the lovely flavour you only get with extra virgin olive oil.

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